Welcome to Pirate Curse.
You are now part of a prestigious group of Seafight players. We are all here to help you. And give you any support we may give. We expect the best of our members however we provide the best to our members.

As a new member there are a few things you will need to know and do.
First: We require Team Speak (TS) there is a link to "get TS" on the navigation bar it is a free download just download Team Speak 2, after downloading click the "Join TS" link. If you do not have a mic you can type messages by right clicking on the bottom panel and selecting "send text message to all".
Second: Every new member is responsible for knowing the rules, NAPs list, and War list. Breaking the rules may result in your removal.
Third: As a new member you are on a probationary period should you disappear or not live up to our expectations you may be removed.

Our Rules:
- Do not start wars that may effect other members
- Help each other when possible, always when under attack
- Don't get personal, have fun!
- If there is a problem with another guild find the council or diplo members to try to resolve. If there is no resolution, then we will discuss WAR.
- We don't have or do alliances, we have made our own ARH alliance, we have two guilds now with 70 members and we will start ARH3 soon. We only do naps with other guilds or team up to take on common enemies. (This policy has helped us to grow and continue to grow)
- Enjoy the game, we will help you advance and get elite ships