If you are looking for a guild you could not do better then to apply to ARH. We are a member devoted guild that is always willing to help in tests, quests, EP gathering, and more. In battle we vigorously protect every member and never leave someone alone to face the enemy. We also provide tips and information on everything you will need to know to play Seafight.

We may be a big guild but every member is important and has a say in how the ARH conducts guild business. There is always Council around to listen to concerns and address any issues members may have. We have members from varied nations and walks of life. Our members range from 9 to 50 years of age and include married couples and families of players.

We promote interaction and communication between our members for us it is not just a game but, a group of our close friends. We continually look for ways to not only better the game and our guild but to improve the fun of our members.

If all this seems to be something you may be interested in please feel free to send us a pub mail. If you would like to apply please pub mail us your current ship and pirate level and how long you have been playing so that we can direct you to the ARH guild that best suits your needs and experience.

Pubmail: RedStud77*
Visit our Teamspeak